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Coping with Stress, Anxiety and Depression During the Pandemic
As we continue to adjust to the ‘new normal’ of living through a pandemic, there can be a toll on our emotional well being. Public health decisions, such as wearing masks and social distancing, can cause people to feel isolated, depressed, and lonely.
Willingness to Commit to Therapy
Therapy more than just sessions with your therapist. It is a relationship built on commitment and trust that grows ‘beyond the surface’ – beyond the limitations of non-therapeutic relationships.
12 Irrational Concepts That Cause Unhealthy Emotions & Behaviors
1. Self-Rating (Labeling/Downing): People sometimes choose to rate themselves and others based on accomplishment and performance and are often trying to measure up or prove themselves.
Recognizing & Acknowledging Depression in Adolescents
Adolescence can be challenging in many ways, and can become more complicated when mental health struggles are thrown in the mix!
Mental Health and Wellbeing During and After the COVID Crisis
The founder of Center For Wellness, Dr. Gagandeep Singh, had the opportunity to discuss his thoughts on mental health and wellness during the pandemic.
Dr. Singh Speaks About CFW's Purpose, Vision, and Services Offered
Watch a video where Dr. Singh discusses CFW's purpose, vision, and services.
Mental Health Programs Open House Photos
The CFW family appreciates the wonderful support we received! The response was so great that we were only able to get half of the attendees on camera. Honored and humbled …
How to Keep Those New Year's (or any) Resolutions
One might ask if the success seems so daunting, why bother making New Year’s resolutions at all? The truth is, New Year’s is just another day, and making resolutions is just setting a goal.
2015: A New Year Means New Goals ... Here are SMART Ways to Achieve Them
New Year’s is a unique holiday. As we celebrate the passage of time, it is typical during New Year’s for people to reflect on their lives and resolve to make beneficial changes.
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